Tamir Huberman


I am A professional speaker and NLP expert with special expertise in Social Media with a B2B orientation. My main focus over the years was the use of LinkedIn and the implementation of the amazing power of NLP for Social Media both for Business and Personal purposes. Further topics include: Business Strategy, Start-Up Formation, Business Intelligence, Active Marketing & Business Development. I have a professional speaker role at THI headed by my brother Avi that is responsible for all the business activities at THI.

I have also developed a new branch of NLP which I call Social NLP (SNLP). SNLP utilized the relevant NLP skill with the use of Social Networks for effective communication and effective results.

I am CIO and Head of Marketing at Yeda, Technology Transfer Company of the Weizmann Institute. Experienced in formation of start-up companies and negotiating License deals with top tier software companies. I am further a Director of ITTN; the Israeli Technology Transfer Organization, Director at InnerEye and Observer at BriefCam. Prior to joining Yissum in 2004, I was a CEO & Founder of Artigon, part of the R&D team at Orgenics (AMEX: IMA) and the Head of IP and R&D at MedisEl

Avi Huberman

After a long and fruitful career in the IDF Avi has taken the CEO position at THI. I love connecting with people and found Social Networking to be my passion and decided to turn this to my primary second career. I have developed a vast network of contacts and through THI we aim to help companies and individuals bridge the gap between their offering and Social Media in order to get noticed in the world.

​In my IDF career, I held various positions, which gave me a deep insight into the state of the art of electronics technology: RF, electronic warfare, radar, optronics, and more. Additionally – an ultimate responsibility for supply chain management in electronics, responsibility for the maintenance plan for certain facilities and vessels held by the most professional work power in the IDF – each of these exposed me to: People management, business and personal exposure (combined with the IMOD) to highly sophisticated technological companies, services and more – in Israel and abroad, Heavy budgetary management issues and the use of advanced management tools: SAP Enterprise Portal, Office applications, and much more.

​I am a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Ben Gurion University) and M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering (Tel Aviv University), a large-scale procurement certification by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, SAP qualified

THI (The Huberman Insight)


After several years of mentoring companies on how to use LinkedIn to achieve powerful results to the company we have decided to develop an automation tool that can automate most of the activities on LinkedIn in order to achieve fast results to companies. The tool can automatically send customized messages to targeted profiles that have been pre-defined by the specific company needs. Results appear within days. The software is integrated with external sources to allow even more powerful searches such as company related details (financing rounds, field of activity, investment opportunities and many more). In today’s competitive landscape you cannot afford not to use LinkedIn and if you choose our solution results are guaranteed. 

Starting in 2020, Ophir Huberman started developing additional software tools which allowed the automation tool additional highly complex tasks.