We Believe

We believe that each company has the capability to automatically generate leads and receive significant results, but most companies do not take advantage of using automation.
With the proper guidance – We will generate high lead quality and enhanced branding to achieve your business goals, and beyond…

We assist Companies and Professionals that are interested in utilizing the amazing power of Social Networks for their business and careers (mainly B2B purposes), with the proven power of Social Networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others.

Through THI we add true value which generates fast and measurable results. The main proposition of THI is rapid entrance to Social Networks by using Automation. THI is a World Recognized brand in Active Marketing approaches with a proven track record and a pioneer in the field with more than 20 years of combined experience.

What do we give to our customers? A totally new business-finding experience through social networks – especially LinkedIn! We build the company’s leadership strong and highly connected LinkedIn profiles and teach them how to utilize this network in order to achieve better business results. We give Professional lectures and workshops to companies in Hebrew and English. We also assist companies to generate high quality Leads using Social Media automation with propriety tools that have been developed by THI.

Some of Our Clients